Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage uses a combination of lomi lomi relaxation massage and natural hot stones to create a relaxing and therapeutic full body treatment. Hot stone massage can be cleansing for the physical and emotional systems of the body through improving circulation, decreasing muscle tension, and supporting detoxing processes. The treatments are designed to promote a deep sense of relaxation with can assist with feelings of stress and fatigue. Hot Stone Massage is the perfect treatment to leave you feeling both tranquil and renewed.

60min Hot Stone Massage – full body $100

Relax into a state of bliss with this head to toe body treatment utilising flowing lomi lomi massage techniques and the healing benefits of hot stones.

60min Reflexology plus Hot Stones $95

Combines the healing benefits of reflexology and hot stone massage with this customised treatment designed to balance the mind & body. The treatment includes:

  • reflexology treatment on the feet incorporating hot stones on the feet and legs
  • face reflexology, including the use of hot stones over the face and neck
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