Naturopathy is a system of healing which blends both traditional medicine and modern science.

Today’s Naturopath takes the traditional wisdom of natural medicine as developed by various cultures around the world over thousands of years and blends it with knowledge gained from the latest clinical research.

Each patient is seen as a unique individual and treated in a holistic manner tailored to their specific needs. As every person reacts differently to foods, lifestyle, and their environment, it is the role of the naturopath to look at the person as a whole and aim to discover and treat the cause of the problem as well as the presenting symptoms.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicines are traditional medicines that are one of the oldest and still most widely used systems of medicine in the world.

A large proportion of modern pharmaceutical medications are directly or indirectly derived from compounds extracted from the same herbs and plants used by naturopaths. However natural herbal medicines are made using extracts from the whole plant rather than chemically synthesising or mimicking the active component. As such, the full healing power within the plant is extracted as a whole and all components are consumed together the way nature intended. In this way, any potential side effects of the medicinal component are offset by the naturally occurring nutrients and compounds that nature provides intuitively to potentiate any adverse effects.

Clinical Nutrition

Naturopaths are extensively trained in Clinical Nutrition with an in-depth understanding of the ways people can be impacted by their diet and lifestyle. They will often recommend specific dietary changes or supplements in accordance with the individual’s needs to enhance their health outcomes.

Occasionally this may include temporarily eliminating certain foods to prevent a detrimental reaction or adding certain foods known to be high in particular nutrients or health-giving properties. Sometimes small dietary adjustments are all that is needed to bring about healthy changes and at other times nutritional supplementation will be needed.

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